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At Schultz Remodeling, our remodelers have been in the bathroom remodeling business for more than 18 years. We know the importance of a good bathroom. At Schultz Remodeling, we believe that bathroom remodeling can really make a positive impact on a person’s quality of life. That’s why our remodelers have improved bathrooms in homes across East Peoria, Peoria, Pekin, Morton, Washington and beyond for nearly two decades. 

Think about soaking in a tub, for instance. It’s a time to relax. It’s a time to let the stress of the day melt away. If you’re sitting there, staring at cracked, grubby tile or ugly wallpaper, it’s harder to enjoy the room. It’s harder to unwind.

At Schultz Remodeling, we believe you deserve a bathroom you can relax in. You should have a bathroom you can truly enjoy—one that you can show off to friends and guests. It should be an oasis. Allow Schultz Remodeling to handle your bathroom remodeling work. We have well over a decade of experience in bathroom remodeling, and countless satisfied customers.

Looking to sell your house?

Homebuyers Notice the Bathroom. 

Homebuyers are trying to envision what it would be like to live in your house. Because we use the bathroom every day, it makes sense for buyers to scrutinize your bathrooms before making an offer.

Don’t be surprised when people comment on your wallpaper, tile, floors, countertops, size and light fixtures. It’s something they’ll have to live with (or invest money to change) should they buy your house. That said, a proper bathroom remodeling could give your house the wow factor that lands you an offer. 

Why are customers so satisfied with Schultz’s bathroom remodeling?

We prioritize you. We listen to you. We use high quality building materials for each of our bathroom remodeling projects. We are sensitive to the budget you set for us. We value timeliness and attention to detail. We measure our success according to how well we meet your needs.

Trust Schultz Remodeling for your bathroom remodeling!

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